Avast Premier 18.5.2342 Crack Full License Key

Avast Premier 18.5.2342 Crack Final License Key Free Download

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Avast Premier Crack is a powerful antivirus which has the ability to give the full protection for your devices no matter which windows version you are using. It also works as an anti-virus and anti-spyware program.  The latest version of this app has come with many new and advanced features and developed with advanced technology. It has also many unique features that will help you to protect your PC from hacker’s attacks and advanced malware. The program is very popular because it ensures to give you the 100% malware free existence. Multilingual ability is one of the best features of this program. No matter where you are and from which device you are connecting to their database. It can easily contact you with their server and gives you antivirus updates. A reliable software which protects your home network and folders passwords.

Now let me tell you its powerful online security. It gives you the protection modules which work with your browsers to give you malware free online presence. If you do not want this feature then simply uncheck this feature while installing Avast Premier License Key v18.5.2342. No one can hijack your DNS (Domain Name system) setting hence your banking files remain safe. When DNS becomes secure it develops a connection between your PC and DNS server. This app also minimizes the errors in Wi-Fi signals.

Powerful Scan Modes

This tool has three different scan modes such as Quick scan mode, Full scan mode, and Custom scan mode.

  1. Quick scan mode – The first one is quick scan mode. It gives you the ability in which you can only scan your files which are placed on your folders. It can easily find those files and removes the viruses from them if it detects.
  2. Full scan mode – Full scan mode enables you to scan those files which cannot be scanned in quick mode. This mode scans registry files, program files and also looks for the remaining files of software. Like sometimes, after the uninstallation of any software, some registry files remain in your c directory. This mode has the ability to find and remove those files.
  3. Custom scan mode – The third scan mode is custom scan mode. It is the best scan option because it can also find the malware from external devices like USB, hard drives and other devices as well. All you need is to click on custom mode and select the device you want to scan and click ok. The scan process will start soon and it will take some time to find out the malware or harmful files if it has. After that, remove the virus and keeps your device up to date. A Smart scan option is also available which allows you to find and remove malware from cracked files, unsafe settings, and out-of-date software.

Avast Premier Crack Plus 100% Working License Key 2018

Avast Premier 18.5.2342 License Key contains three major functions. The first is “Automatic software updater”. Now, this function automatically downloads and installs latest virus database updates. Second is “Data Shredded”, use it to permanently delete your private data from the system which you are going to sell and no one can recover them. The program also provides the remote control service. Now you can remotely operate your computer on which you have installed this app, regardless of your location. Main features of this app show you the main difference between this software and other products.”SafeZone” browser is another good feature. It is secure and isolated space browser where no one can copy or steal your credit card info, save passwords, and more. You can do business and pay your bills in complete privacy.

Avast Premier Crack v18.5.2342 Full License - Snapshot Preview - ZEECRACK

Main features of Avast Premier 18.5.2342 crack

  • Detects virus and threats from your device, even on your home network and eliminate them.
  • Increase your gaming standard, no disturbance while playing games just remember the password to Log in anywhere and forgot other passwords.
  • Before selling your device, Use Data Shredding option of this program. It permanently removes your data and no one can recover it.
  • It also acts as Anti-spam which prevents your emails and inbox from spam and other nasty content.
  • Another option is Firewall, it is security tool that monitors and controls what goes in and out of your PC. Keeps hackers away from the system.
  • Cyber Capture is superb feature through which you can remove threats from suspicious online files. Send files for analysis in the cloud and then download.
  • Crack your license, locate your mobile devices and organize your avast-protected devices to get better protection.
  • Its new feature is webcam shield, which protects your webcam from hackers, Now everyone will need to take permission from this app before using your webcam.
How To Crack?
  • Run/Install the app
  • Close it completely
  • Run Avast Premier Crack file


  • Copy License Keys and paste it
  • Note: Both methods are working!
Software Specifications:
  • Language: Multi-Languages
  • OS Support: Windows [All Versions]
  • Release Date: June 20th, 2018
  • Released By: AVAST Software
  • License: Crack Full License

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